International Student Column: Finding a Community

Hello international students! Today the topic is about “community” which in this context I invite you to open your eyes and mind to build your own. Include new cultures on a daily basis. I understand when we are new at college; firstly, we prefer to find someone who speaks the same language as us –Continue reading “International Student Column: Finding a Community”

Effective Tips for Note-Taking

Note-taking is an important part of your study. Having good notes can boost your confidence on the course, improve your productivity on digesting the knowledge, and most importantly, improve your exam preparation efficiency. It is truly not easy to take notes when a lot of information comes to you in the class. You can useContinue reading “Effective Tips for Note-Taking”

How to Tackle the “Firsts” of a Semester 

The start of a new semester may be daunting or exciting, maybe the combination of both, but you are in the right place for learning how to start the term off strong. Here you will learn some techniques and tips that I have used to make the most of my experience on the first dayContinue reading “How to Tackle the “Firsts” of a Semester “