An Introduction to Alta

Knewton Alta is a complete courseware solution that provides your instructor with control of the content in your course based on learning objectives or skills that you need to master. Just-in-time answer explanations and remediation provide students with what you need when you need it. The courseware combines targeted instruction, answer explanations, and remediation to close learningContinue reading “An Introduction to Alta”

Taking Classes in English When English Isn’t Your First Language

When you decide to study abroad, first thing you think is “how do I demonstrate that I have language skills?” This is easy… but when you start studying, that is the challenge… Here is my experience going to college in Canada and taking classes in English when English isn’t my first language. Why study abroad?Continue reading “Taking Classes in English When English Isn’t Your First Language”

How to Tackle the “Firsts” of a Semester 

The start of a new semester may be daunting or exciting, maybe the combination of both, but you are in the right place for learning how to start the term off strong. Here you will learn some techniques and tips that I have used to make the most of my experience on the first dayContinue reading “How to Tackle the “Firsts” of a Semester “