How To Prepare For Summer Research Internships

Summer Research Internships in your CV or resume will help you stand out while having paramount experience. Whether your future goal is to get into graduate school or medical school, summer research internships will increase your chances to a great extent. It is a way to discover a new city or place for some ofContinue reading “How To Prepare For Summer Research Internships”

Five Ways To Volunteer From Home

Volunteering is one of the noble qualities of human beings. As a volunteer, you are giving your important time from your busy schedule back to your community. Not only does it help advance your skills, but it also helps you make long lasting friends. However, it has become difficult to volunteer in-person due to Covid-19.Continue reading “Five Ways To Volunteer From Home”

How To Hone Data Analysis Skills From Home

Data analysis is essential knowledge in the job world. Whether you are studying business, economics, or science, data analysis is a must-have skill.  As everything moved to virtual due to COVID-19, our free time has expanded. For example, prior to COVID-19 commuting to my university takes 1 to 2 hours due to rush hour traffic.Continue reading “How To Hone Data Analysis Skills From Home”

Five Tips for Your First Semester of College

As you embark on your college journey, things may initially feel a little unfamiliar. However, with some preparation and good guidance, you can ace your freshman year. Some students get demotivated if they get bad grades in their first semester, affecting their performance in the following term. This is why it is crucial to takeContinue reading “Five Tips for Your First Semester of College”

Five Year-Round Internships That Will Help You Travel Abroad While Doing Research

Research internships are incredible assets in your CV/Resume. No matter your future goal, research experiences demonstrate your ability to think critically, solve problems, and work within a team.  When we think about research internships, we usually think of summer internships. However, there are many year-round international research internships you may not be aware of. TheseContinue reading “Five Year-Round Internships That Will Help You Travel Abroad While Doing Research”

Discover New Skills with LinkedIn Learning

Building new skills for entry-level jobs can be difficult. First of all, how do you know what skills to learn if you aren’t sure what you need? And then, how do you learn those skills? These are questions that I struggled with when I graduated from college with a degree in Media, Culture, and Communications.Continue reading “Discover New Skills with LinkedIn Learning”

How To Use Motivational Speeches as a Tool to Build Your Self Confidence

At the start of the pandemic I lost my first accounting internship. With graduation next semester, that made it even harder to get a full-time job. In addition, I drove Lyft and Uber during my free time after working at my internship and before attending night class. However, with the pandemic situation, I was forcedContinue reading “How To Use Motivational Speeches as a Tool to Build Your Self Confidence”