Acing the Pre-Recorded Interview

Congratulations, you’ve been invited to a pre-recorded interview, now what? Generally, a live connect interview is preferred to a video interview when you can land one.  It is common though, especially in early-in-career-roles, that you will come across a request to complete a pre-recorded interview first.  Here are some tips to help ease your pre-recordedContinue reading “Acing the Pre-Recorded Interview”

5 Essential Tools for Marketers

By Sean Willey Marketing can be an intense profession, but also a very fun and creative one. There’s nothing better than seeing one of your projects captivate your customer’s emotions and build a positive perception for your brand. You might have heard that marketing is where type-A personalities really thrive, but I’m here to tellContinue reading “5 Essential Tools for Marketers”

Balance of School & Life

While going to school is tough enough to endure, most of us don’t have the luxury of just going to school without other obligations in our life such as working, hobbies, kids, spouse, or anything else outside of our educational life.  Many of us must balance school and work burdens while maintaining a decent GPA withoutContinue reading “Balance of School & Life”

Celebrating Your 2021 Wins!

2021 was a long year, and there were definitely a lot of ups and downs. While the year might have been challenging, there were also so many moments worthy of celebration. We asked our Wiley Students Speak readers and members to tell us their wins from 2021. From personal successes like focusing on mental health,Continue reading “Celebrating Your 2021 Wins!”