Budgeting Tips from the Student Studio

Tax season is coming up so, with money on the mind, we decided to ask you to share your tips on an evergreen topic: budgeting! In our sample size of over 50 respondents, we found that 80% reported “Yes” to the question, Do you budget?. But, before we dive into tips for budgeting, we wantContinue reading “Budgeting Tips from the Student Studio”

Five Ways To Volunteer From Home

Volunteering is one of the noble qualities of human beings. As a volunteer, you are giving your important time from your busy schedule back to your community. Not only does it help advance your skills, but it also helps you make long lasting friends. However, it has become difficult to volunteer in-person due to Covid-19.Continue reading “Five Ways To Volunteer From Home”

A Note on Spring Cleaning and Why It’s Important

The practice of Spring Cleaning often feels archaic or overly domestic, but it belongs in the contemporary conversation that is relevant to young and new adults. I want to emphasize some of the mental and physical health benefits and share some tips to get you excited about Spring Cleaning. This article from Healthline outlines someContinue reading “A Note on Spring Cleaning and Why It’s Important”

What Happens When You Eat the Frog?

How these adhesive amphibians boost productivity, motivation and flexibility If one good thing came out of the pandemic, it was that COVID-19 gave people the freedom to modify their lifestyles, try new things, and change their diets. It gave me the chance to start a new diet (in productivity). Frogs, anyone?? Well, not literally. RecentlyContinue reading “What Happens When You Eat the Frog?”

How To Use Motivational Speeches as a Tool to Build Your Self Confidence

At the start of the pandemic I lost my first accounting internship. With graduation next semester, that made it even harder to get a full-time job. In addition, I drove Lyft and Uber during my free time after working at my internship and before attending night class. However, with the pandemic situation, I was forcedContinue reading “How To Use Motivational Speeches as a Tool to Build Your Self Confidence”

Focus-Friendly Study Tools To Enhance Learning

As a student, you’ve no doubt developed many study techniques. Did you know that not everyone has the same learning style? There are many types: auditory, visual, kinesthetic. A quick search online will provide countless quizzes to help you determine how you best learn. One thing is for sure: using fun, unique supplies to studyContinue reading “Focus-Friendly Study Tools To Enhance Learning”

Getting Your Culture Fix

The World At Your Fingertips These past few months have been difficult due to Covid-19. As a result, a variety of organizations are going above and beyond in order to help the public get our culture fix.  With many organizations being forced to close with stay-at-home orders put in place, our public needed hope and entertainment to cope withContinue reading “Getting Your Culture Fix”