Acing the Pre-Recorded Interview

Congratulations, you’ve been invited to a pre-recorded interview, now what? Generally, a live connect interview is preferred to a video interview when you can land one.  It is common though, especially in early-in-career-roles, that you will come across a request to complete a pre-recorded interview first.  Here are some tips to help ease your pre-recordedContinue reading “Acing the Pre-Recorded Interview”

How I Got Here: Product Marketing Manager

Featured Professional: Maya Condos What’s your current position? Product Marketing Manager-Business and Finance Titles How long have you been at Wiley? Since September 2020 What year did you graduate and what degree did you receive? 2019: B.S. in Integrated Elementary Education M.ed in Curriculum and Instruction Give us a quick rundown of your career path.Continue reading “How I Got Here: Product Marketing Manager”

How I Got Here: CRM Systems Business Lead

Featured Professional: Devon Henry What’s your current position? CRM Systems Business Lead How long have you been at Wiley? 5.5 years Where did you go to school? Bachelors from Baruch College (CUNY), Masters from Rutgers University (Camden) What degree did you receive? Bachelors in Marketing Management with a Minor in Psych, Masters of Business AnalyticsContinue reading “How I Got Here: CRM Systems Business Lead”

5 Things Project Managers Can’t Live Without

What does it take to be good project managers? An infrastructure of support—whether from team members or digital platforms. Below are five things content project managers at Wiley say makes their lives more productive, efficient, and whole lot better. 1. Trello Trello is a productivity platform that allows project managers to create to-do lists forContinue reading “5 Things Project Managers Can’t Live Without”

A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

Working in academic publishing doesn’t always mean writing or editing books (we have subject matter experts, called SMEs, for that!). It takes so many different skill sets and people to publish a book or a product. One of the cogs in the wheel of publishing is a project manager. If you’ve ever wondered what aContinue reading “A Day in the Life of a Project Manager”

How I Got Here: Financial Analyst

Featured Professional: Dan Spinelli What’s your current position? Financial Analyst – Research Finance, Partner Solutions How long have you been at Wiley? Just about 4 years What degree did you receive? Bachelors in History and Communication Studies from The College of New Jersey received in 2018 Give us a quick rundown of your career path.Continue reading “How I Got Here: Financial Analyst”

How I Got Here: Editorial Director

For our second installment of the How I Got Here series, we interviewed an editorial director who oversees content development for engineering books at Wiley! Read on to hear their story: WSS: What did you study in school? Is it relevant to your current job? I majored in electrical engineering in college. I love learningContinue reading “How I Got Here: Editorial Director”

Soft Skills in the Classroom

The classroom has more to offer than the subject knowledge around which the class is centered. The classroom setting also offers the opportunity to practice and grow your soft skills. These skills are things like communication, emotional intelligence, team work, leadership, and so on. Author of Wiley’s You Got This! The Real Skills You NeedContinue reading “Soft Skills in the Classroom”

Wiley CPA Industry Updates

If you’re looking to stay on top of CPA news, Wiley has you covered! Here are some tips from Wiley’s Business & Accounting team on where to keep up with industry trends to give you the leading edge. Where to look? Start with Wiley Accounting Club. You can also follow Wiley Accounting’s new Instagram accountContinue reading “Wiley CPA Industry Updates”

Celebrating Your 2021 Wins!

2021 was a long year, and there were definitely a lot of ups and downs. While the year might have been challenging, there were also so many moments worthy of celebration. We asked our Wiley Students Speak readers and members to tell us their wins from 2021. From personal successes like focusing on mental health,Continue reading “Celebrating Your 2021 Wins!”