Celebrating Your 2022 Wins!

We asked our Wiley Students Speak readers and members to tell us their wins from 2022. From personal successes like focusing on mental health, to professional wins like getting a new job, getting into grad school, or passing their CPA, we are here and proud to celebrate all of your achievements. Congratulations to everyone forContinue reading “Celebrating Your 2022 Wins!”

International Student Column: Finding a Community

Hello international students! Today the topic is about “community” which in this context I invite you to open your eyes and mind to build your own. Include new cultures on a daily basis. I understand when we are new at college; firstly, we prefer to find someone who speaks the same language as us –Continue reading “International Student Column: Finding a Community”

Science Blog Posts by Wiley Authors

We are excited to share with you a series of blog posts written by some of our science authors at Wiley! Some of our textbook authors in chemistry and physics have written blog posts dedicated to exciting areas of science and real-world connections. Science is so much more relevant to our lives than we thinkContinue reading “Science Blog Posts by Wiley Authors”

Effective Tips for Note-Taking

Note-taking is an important part of your study. Having good notes can boost your confidence on the course, improve your productivity on digesting the knowledge, and most importantly, improve your exam preparation efficiency. It is truly not easy to take notes when a lot of information comes to you in the class. You can useContinue reading “Effective Tips for Note-Taking”

ISC: How to take tests in a different language when English is not your first language

Before applying for college When you decide to apply for public college, you must show you have proficiency in English you provide IELTS, TOEFL, or other official tests.    I took an IELTS course for 5 months before taking this test to apply for public college, which is why I chose this test. This testContinue reading “ISC: How to take tests in a different language when English is not your first language”

Your grades do not define you

Beyond classroom walls Schools were designed to teach subjects that instill core values to our lives. However, are restless nights, fried brains, and hand cramps worth the grade? Look at your life from an eagle’s point of view. How much do you sacrifice for school and where does your happiness and mental health fall onContinue reading Your grades do not define you

An Introduction to Alta

Knewton Alta is a complete courseware solution that provides your instructor with control of the content in your course based on learning objectives or skills that you need to master. Just-in-time answer explanations and remediation provide students with what you need when you need it. The courseware combines targeted instruction, answer explanations, and remediation to close learningContinue reading “An Introduction to Alta”

Taking Classes in English When English Isn’t Your First Language

When you decide to study abroad, first thing you think is “how do I demonstrate that I have language skills?” This is easy… but when you start studying, that is the challenge… Here is my experience going to college in Canada and taking classes in English when English isn’t my first language. Why study abroad?Continue reading “Taking Classes in English When English Isn’t Your First Language”

How to Tackle the “Firsts” of a Semester 

The start of a new semester may be daunting or exciting, maybe the combination of both, but you are in the right place for learning how to start the term off strong. Here you will learn some techniques and tips that I have used to make the most of my experience on the first dayContinue reading “How to Tackle the “Firsts” of a Semester “

Soft Skills in the Classroom

The classroom has more to offer than the subject knowledge around which the class is centered. The classroom setting also offers the opportunity to practice and grow your soft skills. These skills are things like communication, emotional intelligence, team work, leadership, and so on. Author of Wiley’s You Got This! The Real Skills You NeedContinue reading “Soft Skills in the Classroom”