Network Virtually and Market Yourself Online

Without a doubt it is a difficult time to be a student or recent graduate looking to make the next step in your career in 2020.   I wanted to quickly discuss a few topics in regard to writing about yourself professionally and how to network online in order to help you take that next step.  Ask yourself,Continue reading “Network Virtually and Market Yourself Online”

IFH: Interning From Home

How is my internship adapting to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic?   I was hired on by the District Attorney in my hometown. Currently, employees are still considered essential services, because much of the information that employees are handling is sensitive information and as a result, cannot always be taken home. For theContinue reading “IFH: Interning From Home”

Career Tips: Virtual Interviews

COVID-19 essentially upended everything that we have been taught about the professional world. Work-from-home has forced many employers to rethink their hiring process, as some employees will not want to work from home and other employees will require that they be able to work from home. However, one thing that has not changed, in myContinue reading “Career Tips: Virtual Interviews”

Getting Your Culture Fix

The World At Your Fingertips These past few months have been difficult due to Covid-19. As a result, a variety of organizations are going above and beyond in order to help the public get our culture fix.  With many organizations being forced to close with stay-at-home orders put in place, our public needed hope and entertainment to cope withContinue reading “Getting Your Culture Fix”

Career Tips: Office Attire

Allison CrickWSS Student Contributor Katherine NoconWSS Student Contributor Leandro AlvarezWSS Student Contributor While working in a physical office or in a remote setting, there are a variety of ways to express yourself simply based on your attire Allison Crick When choosing my outfit for the work day, I am certain to comply with any dressContinue reading “Career Tips: Office Attire”