Budgeting Tips from the Student Studio

Tax season is coming up so, with money on the mind, we decided to ask you to share your tips on an evergreen topic: budgeting! In our sample size of over 50 respondents, we found that 80% reported “Yes” to the question, Do you budget?. But, before we dive into tips for budgeting, we wantContinue reading “Budgeting Tips from the Student Studio”

5 Things Project Managers Can’t Live Without

What does it take to be good project managers? An infrastructure of support—whether from team members or digital platforms. Below are five things content project managers at Wiley say makes their lives more productive, efficient, and whole lot better. 1. Trello Trello is a productivity platform that allows project managers to create to-do lists forContinue reading “5 Things Project Managers Can’t Live Without”

What Happens When You Eat the Frog?

How these adhesive amphibians boost productivity, motivation and flexibility If one good thing came out of the pandemic, it was that COVID-19 gave people the freedom to modify their lifestyles, try new things, and change their diets. It gave me the chance to start a new diet (in productivity). Frogs, anyone?? Well, not literally. RecentlyContinue reading “What Happens When You Eat the Frog?”