Job Hop to Assistant Editor: How I Got Here

Are you the kind of person who has always known what they wanted to do since they were a kid? I was. At age 7, I wanted nothing more than to write books. My mom worked as the Library Director across the street from school. I spent every day and most weekends among the stacksContinue reading “Job Hop to Assistant Editor: How I Got Here”

Get ‘LinkedIn’ With Recruiters In 15 Minutes

Recap from WSS Webinar “Be a Resume Rebel” with profile professional Donna Serdula On May 28, Wiley author and pioneer of LinkedIn Optimization, Donna Serdula led Wiley Students Speak’s second webinar, “Be a Resume Rebel.” Over 350 people registered, and 100 participants tuned in.  Serdula explained the ins and outs of LinkedIn and its capabilities, discussing how to enhance one’s profile to gain exposureContinue reading “Get ‘LinkedIn’ With Recruiters In 15 Minutes”