3 Healthy Snacks for Study Time

When we’re juggling studying hard and pulling all-nighters, while at the same time receiving grades that were less than what we expected (despite all of the effort we put in!), eating healthy snacks and going to sleep at a reasonable hour are the least of our concerns. It’s hard to remember that success in collegeContinue reading “3 Healthy Snacks for Study Time”

Focus-Friendly Study Tools To Enhance Learning

As a student, you’ve no doubt developed many study techniques. Did you know that not everyone has the same learning style? There are many types: auditory, visual, kinesthetic. A quick search online will provide countless quizzes to help you determine how you best learn. One thing is for sure: using fun, unique supplies to studyContinue reading “Focus-Friendly Study Tools To Enhance Learning”

The Rule of Law: Applying to Law School

When it comes to pursuing one’s dreams, it is sometimes easier to envision the destination than it is to envision the hurdles that will be faced during the journey. Today, I am going to be taking a deep dive into some of the “hurdles” involved in the law school admissions process. Although I am byContinue reading “The Rule of Law: Applying to Law School”