International Student Column: Finding a Community

group of multiethnic people gathering around female speaker in studio

Hello international students! Today the topic is about “community” which in this context I invite you to open your eyes and mind to build your own. Include new cultures on a daily basis.

I understand when we are new at college; firstly, we prefer to find someone who speaks the same language as us – totally understandable – to feel safe at home. Actually, we find the first right person to speak our language; secondly, try to move ahead to reach different people more speak suitable to us. In terms of “suitable”, I meant, comfortable talking to.

Moreover… as soon as you are placed in your community, try to be receptive to as many other colleagues or friends as possible; that is the purpose of taking public Colleges, you will exchange classes, classmates, and Professors to reach a wider range of people. Try it!

Tip for you: don`t be shy, smile, be proactive to ask questions to understand some colloquial English, especially, and be thankful to receive feedback in return. Create a new topic that could be interesting to get the attention of your fellows. Bring something funny to complement your opinion (when necessary).

It is understandable feeling you don`t belong to that group, maybe do not have the equal language or slang… don`t panic! They probably won`t understand your language or slang as well; again, that is totally fine if, respect maintains most of both interactions.

Furthermore, to achieve new goals, it is necessary to change your mind/objectives many times; while you are studying, be welcome to track new perspectives of your life during your academic year.

Enjoy your time, my fellows!!

Silvia Rodrigues

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