Celebrating Your 2022 Wins!

We asked our Wiley Students Speak readers and members to tell us their wins from 2022. From personal successes like focusing on mental health, to professional wins like getting a new job, getting into grad school, or passing their CPA, we are here and proud to celebrate all of your achievements. Congratulations to everyone for their accomplishments, and let’s continue the success into 2023!

Ethan HitiI Survived.
Emily YanSecuring My Dream Internship Offers
Miriam FosterI Got Into Grad School!
Jordan R BurksI Returned To School
Viktoriya LockardLost Weight
Shantanu DebnathI Was Able To Continue Achieving My Desired Grades In Most Of The Courses I Took And I’M Very Proud Of Myself About That.
Shahnza ShahidGoing To Therapy
Gareth JonesDidnt Get Covid, But In 2023 I Did.  I Am Healthy, And Am Starting To Interview Now All From Networking Last Year.
Matthew ChowStarted Up A Small Business
Helen TashoPrioritizing My Mental And Physical Health
Erick Joel GarzaWon 3rd Place In Accounting International
AllyGetting Into Medical School
Jennifer OdenigboEnrolling For Cpa
Nour AboulwafaI Became More Independent And I Learnt New Things In Cooking
Jack MitchellBecoming The Treasurer Of My Beta Alpha Psi Chapter
Melanie CarpenterDuring A Busy Accounting Semester, I Still Kept A Great Gpa While Learning New Hobbies And Making New Friends!
Adela ManckaGraduated College
Caroline McDonaldHonor Roll And Switching My Major!
Maddison KonwayFinishing My Degree!
Sho HibinoI Lost Weight!
Malak AtassiBeing Engaged, Passed My Master’S Program Classes, Being Able To Teach
Madison WoodI Was Accepted Into Pharmacy School!
Neil S. DivinsDoing Well Enough In My Classes That I Received A Special Award!
Fiona PaulI Was Accepted Into The Federal Student Worker Program With The Government Of Canada!
Stephanie StarkPromotion In My Career
Edwin LeeNew Gym Personal Record
Manashwi AgrawalRegular Exercise
David AbdallahMade It Through Another Year!
Ali DadawallaWon A Prestigious University Community Service Award
Christian BellI Organized A Successful Blood Drive With Our Biology Club That Collected Over 80 Units Of Blood!
Kayla WatwoodStarted Full Time As An Accountant.
Marisol PulidoI Passed My Stats Class With A B! It Was A Really Hard Class For Me, But I Stayed Consistent, Persevered And I Got A Decent Grade That I’M Proud Of!
LillySaving Money.
Victoria  NordstromMoved Out On My Own
Hermiela KeflaI Started Working Out
Joseph BellI Gave A Wiley Cpa Review Presentation To Over 200 Accounting Students.
Sainan ChelvarajahHave My Own Personal Web Application.
Valerie ZhengWork Anniversary!
Czarina Mae GalarioFinishing My Winter 2022 Co-Op With Rsm Canada
Jadyn StewartI Graduated College
Zachary BauerGetting My Cpa License
Luana Alves de Lima HonoratoI’M Glad That I Ended My Terms With Great Grades And Was Able To Find A Part-Time Job In My Field Of Study. =)
Karina Alejandra Fuentes OrtizMy Grades Throughout My Major
Michael CapperauldI Began Volunteering In A Research Laboratory Which Is Something I Have Been Really Looking For Ward
Dushanthi DissanayakeFinished 1 Year Of Med School
Olivia SaundersI Got An A+ In My Statistics Class
Clinton KamJoined Toastmasters
Irvin IribarrenSome Of The Things Thas I Did That Am Proud Of Is That I Finished My Semster Whit Good Greads And That Getting To Know New People That Are Doing Their Phd And Telling Me How To Succes In College.
Krystal MitchellGot Accepted Into Graduate School, Getting Licensed In The Securities And Exchange Commission. While Becoming A Cpa!!!
Ayden FerrellI Participated In My First Ever Research Experience For Undergraduates (Reu) Focusing On Utilizing Legacy Phosphorus Found In The Soil.
Emily RobertsonGoing Back To School!
Mike HaddadI Was The President Of A Committee That Organized An Inter-University Academic Competition For The Universities In The East Of Canada (For Finance And Accounting Students).
Aubrey BolingerI Completed My First Semester Of College! 🙂

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