ISC: How to take tests in a different language when English is not your first language

Before applying for college

When you decide to apply for public college, you must show you have proficiency in English you provide IELTS, TOEFL, or other official tests.   

I took an IELTS course for 5 months before taking this test to apply for public college, which is why I chose this test. This test works to prove you have a minimum level of English to communicate while you are studying.

Some Public Colleges have their test or others like Duolingo, for example.

Private Colleges also request tests to prove the English language, some of them are their tests or they request a specific one. 

While studying

During College (independent of whether you choose Public or Private), there are many exams and assignments to do.

In the case of exams, usually, they have multiple choices, but you must understand the context before choosing the correct answer. 

So, what is the difference between taking the test in my Country and abroad?

There is no difference between them, except for the language. Of course, the understanding will be different and easier if we take this in our language which will be a challenge for the new student in another language.

What can I do to improve myself?

I know it is difficult to understand some sentences when English is not your first language and I usually to dedicate more time to study for exams.

Professors are always available to help you to understand but they are not English teacher, that means, they will not translate any word, so I tried to understand the context and if it did not work, I used google translate, took notes,When we have group assignment, my tip is MS team than you can chat with other students, international or domestic, that you will learn new words and share your thoughts, ask questions which will improve your English and acknowledge to your exams.

Also, some Colleges offer virtual assistance, that you need to book an appointment and other student with high score in English College, for example, will assist you.I used it once to prepare to my final exam which this student helped me to make my essay more understandable.

If  you use all the tools your College offer to you, you will be fine allied with your own effort., you will be fine!!

Enjoy your semester !!

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