5 Things Project Managers Can’t Live Without

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What does it take to be good project managers? An infrastructure of support—whether from team members or digital platforms. Below are five things content project managers at Wiley say makes their lives more productive, efficient, and whole lot better.

1. Trello

Trello is a productivity platform that allows project managers to create to-do lists for themselves and others. The ability to subscribe to their team’s Trello boards means they can gauge the workload of other players on a project (helpful for delegating tasks) and prioritize items for themselves and others. Work does not happen overnight or in a vacuum.

2. A good team

Team work makes the dream work! Being able to feel a sense of support and community with your fellow project managers helps keep you sane and engaged in your work. Being around a group of likeminded colleagues who celebrate your wins with you and support you when you hit a bump in the road makes the job so much easier.

3. Google Sheets

Schedules are an important part of project management; they give project managers a deadline to work towards and achievable milestones to hit on the way to the end goal.

“I love myself a good project tracker that helps me see how early date slippage affects the rest of the project and to keep track of all of the details that are too much to store in my head.”

4. Slack/Zoom

Slack and Zoom are easy and fun ways to stay in contact with your team and collaborate seamlessly.

“A good communication is essential to project management!”

5. Wrike

“I need… a good project dashboard system that updates in real time and is customizable to my team’s specific workflows.”

Wrike sets and tracks deadlines and helps bring order to complicated projects where many people are involved and many handovers are needed (think: creating a draft, sending it for review, applying feedback, sending it for second round of review etc.).

“The only thing can’t I live without would be a good content management system.”

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