Destressing Tips

Online classes are sometimes a trick because you are so focused on studying that you forget to relax, and your brain and body will complain about it later.
How to avoid it?

My first tip for you is: to take at least 15 minutes to stretch your legs.

Stretch legs are essential to avoid thrombosis. If you spend time to seat down it will block or difficult to blood to reach the extreme parts. 

I felt a little bit of this while I was studying due to spending too much time sitting in front of my computer for my online class. I remember once I almost could not feel my legs because, for the second time, I spent 10 hours strictly studying.  I just start being careful and start taking better care of myself.

1 – For 15 minutes, please go out for walking or sum or, during the winter, at least to see outside.
2 – Move your body, do right to left for 30 seconds, and repeat from left to right.
3 – Stretch your arms: take a deep breath and exhale and try to touch your ceiling with both hands.

Drink water:
Water is vital to our body and makes your brain works better. Natalie Butler, R.D., L.D., describes the 16 reasons why we should drink water, for example it helps regulate body temperature, improve blood oxygen circulation, boost energy, prevent dehydration, and so on. 

During the night before sleeping:
After dinner, take 10 minutes to you for listening to a piece of calm and relaxing music.
Pray, meditate, read a book you enjoy, and watch a video, because that is your brain moment will enjoy disconnecting from your all day and stress to relax and have a good sleep night.

I recommend these two online playlists:

  1. Beautiful Piano Music 24/7 • Relaxing Music for Sleep, Studying & Relaxation
  2. Beautiful Relaxing Music for Stress Relief • Meditation Music, Sleep Music, Ambient Study Music

You can choose one of them, plus meditation, which includes leaving your thoughts to go out. 

We will give more tips next blogs. Take care!

Sylvia Rodrigues

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