Your grades do not define you

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Beyond classroom walls

Schools were designed to teach subjects that instill core values to our lives. However, are restless nights, fried brains, and hand cramps worth the grade? Look at your life from an eagle’s point of view. How much do you sacrifice for school and where does your happiness and mental health fall on the scale?

There is an infinite amount of classes you take throughout your student years; Horizons, K, On level, AP and Dual Credit to name a few. The system of labeling an individual based on grades or subject expertise is senseless. So what exactly can you do about this matter? Prove the system wrong.

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If you have ever encountered yourself being nervous or ashamed of the grade you received for the marking period you are not alone. Truth be told, you are a result of the pressure that school systems apply to society since the moment they are enrolled in school.

What people do not tell you

School is about memorization. If you remember the context you attract the good grades. Not everyone has the fate of being a walking textbook though! I encourage you to do your best, study what you do not understand, and build connections that will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths. Do not dread going to school and instead find a balance between your personal life and who you are at school. There is no escape from the way schools function however, there is a way to alter the way that you think about school and the effort you put into it. Know that it does not determine 100% of your future but you invest a fraction of your life to it.

Invest your time wisely and strategically.

By Giovanna Gonzalez, contributing author

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