Balance of School & Life

While going to school is tough enough to endure, most of us don’t have the luxury of just going to school without other obligations in our life such as working, hobbies, kids, spouse, or anything else outside of our educational life.  Many of us must balance school and work burdens while maintaining a decent GPA without stressing too much about our grades.  

I currently am in my last year of my BSN (nursing) program, work full time at a hospital, have a 7-month-old daughter, wife, and maintain a good workout routine throughout the week for a stress relieving and endorphin releasing benefit for myself.   One of the biggest challenges for many of us is balancing schoolwork, and still maintaining the things we enjoy doing in the process as well.  I have found that finding a good routine is crucial for this process.  If we don’t find joy in our lives while going to school, we get to stressed out. I found a lot of students tend to drop out of school because they find they can’t enjoy the simple things they did when they weren’t in school.  

Find What Works for You

I wake up every morning at 5am to workout. Otherwise the day gets too busy and I won’t get it done.  This way, I start off the morning doing something I enjoy, and then can go to school, or work, and not have to worry about it throughout the rest of the day.  With my workout out of the way I can focus on the other things life has such as family, studying, work, and school.  As stated previously finding a balance between school and something you enjoy, is critical to success and being happy. If you are unable to still do the things you enjoy in life while going to school, then what’s the point really? Make time for yourself to still do the things you enjoy.

“Finding a balance between school and something you enjoy is critical to success and being happy.”

One of my favorite quotes in life goes as follows, “You can have excuses, or results, but you can’t have both”. 

-Matthew Lillywhite Student Partner

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