Celebrating Your 2021 Wins!

2021 was a long year, and there were definitely a lot of ups and downs. While the year might have been challenging, there were also so many moments worthy of celebration. We asked our Wiley Students Speak readers and members to tell us their wins from 2021. From personal successes like focusing on mental health, to professional wins like getting a new job or passing an exam, we are here to celebrate them all. Congratulations to everyone for their accomplishments, and let’s continue the success into 2022!

Allyssa Angle Mardis

  • Whew! What a year! 2021 was a year full of growth and advancement in my personal and professional life. I bought a house, changed careers, found my passion for mental health, graduated from Grand View University with my BS Degree, and was accepted into the MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Grand View University.
  • Since having completed my undergraduate degree at GVU it streamlined the application process for the CMHC program. Yet, I still needed to provide two personal essays, two references, and a professional resume. One of the teachers who volunteered to be a reference was the same teacher who nominated me for the Wiley Stay the Course Grant.
  • When I got the call that I had been accepted into the program, I was elated. Not only did I work so very hard to overcome all the obstacles I faced to finish my BS Degree, but I was finally able to say, “Hey Look Ma, I Made It.” Now, with a Degree in CMHC, I will be able to pursue my dream of serving the LGBTQ+ community by providing quality counseling, advocating for the community, and amplifying the voices of others. So bring on 2022. I’m excited to see where this year takes me. 

Ayden Ferrell

  • In fall 2020 I had a terrible concussion and had to drop out of all my classes. It took 3 months of rest, PT, and recovering before I even look at a computer screen without pain. I began the spring 2021 semester online (like everyone else) and I was nervous. I truly struggled to remember things and understand concepts taught in the course; I was discouraged because it took me so much longer to work through all my coursework. Because I was behind I had to take a few courses during the summer and I had a heavy semester in the fall. But because of friends and family encouraging me, I made it through the difficult last year and succeeded in acing nearly all of my classes!

Suvojit Dutta

  • Being a Wiley Student Partner has helped me to foster meaningful relationships with students @ Dalhousie University. I am extremely honored to be a part of something this beautiful. My biggest win is that I was able to spread goodwill. 😊

Angelo Pastega

  • Passed all my classes!

Shantanu Debnath

  • My name was mentioned in the President’s Honor List for my result in the last semester.

Zhishan Liang

  • Going to Alternative Break!

Caroline McDonald

  • Winning awards in dance.

Khadija Mohsin

  • I am proud of quitting my job!

Shahnza Shahid

  • My internship!

Courtney Roselynn Ribar

  • I got on the dean’s list!

Helen Tasho

  • Focusing on my mental health!

Dushanthi Dissanayake

  • Doing well on my final exam last semester!

Malak Atassi

  • Weight loss, Dean’s list, passed my exams, better job!

Nina Blanca Lagon

  • I got A+/A grades with my courses.


  • Getting into college!

Ali Dadawalla

  • I got straight A’s last semester taking 21 units.

Sho Hibino

  • Started studying for my CPA!

Miriam Foster

  • We switched to a new lab software for a class I LA for and this week I was able to really help the students understand it.

Manashwi Agrawal

  • Getting my CPA License!

Adam Huyen

  • I studied abroad!


  • Getting my CPA!

Sarah Kennedy

  • A win I’m proud of is recognizing when I’m experiencing burn-out and finding healthy ways to cope with it.

Brian Katat

  • Good grades!

Jack Mitchell

  • Getting an A on an Exam!

Amber Heatherly

  • Finishing Accounting 481!

Krystal Mitchell

  • Being inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success!

Viktoriya Lockard

  • Getting my CPA while full time employee and 2 kids!

Matthew Lillywhite

  • Still attaining above a 3.8GPA in nursing school!

Olivia Filandro

  • Getting a job!

Kyle Collinson

  • Climbing a mountain!

Gwen Kester

  • Getting an A in organic chem!


  • Getting an interview for medical school!

Hermiela Kefla

  • Completing my program!

Dev Agnihotri

  • I stuck to my gym plan all year!

Sabrina Saavedra

  • Receiving a full-time job offer in Atlanta with PwC!

Christian Bell

  • Surviving OChem I, II, and Biochem with an A!

Sarah Hollingshead

  • I got an internship with the state department of revenue!

Victoria Nordstrom

  • Completing 1 year as a staff accountant!

Onethra Wansadi Bamunusinghe Arachchige

  • Getting selected to KPMG!

Anita Ajiyen

  • I am extremely proud of my commitment to new and healthy lifestyle where I exercise regularly and eat clean! I hope to keep this up. 🙂

Matthew Chow

  • Hit my goal of gains in my investment portfolio!

Kaitlyn Rice

  • Getting into the MBA program at my university!

Clinton Kam

  • I got a job as a staff accountant as a Big 4 firm without a degree. I am a genius! 🥺

Yixiang Tang

  • Internship!

Congratulations to all of our Wiley Student Speak members, and we wish you the best for 2022! We love celebrating your 2021 wins. For more articles on success in your academic career, click here. For more information about Wiley, click here.

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