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Since 1999, Wiley Efficient Learning Test Prep has continued to offer unlimited access to students while they study for their exams.  We offer the best guarantee in the business which is free electronic updates and use of the materials until you pass.  This is very helpful as many of students are working professionals and have very busy lives. Our mission is to support students every step of the way until they reach their goals.  As a result of this dedication, Wiley Efficient Learning proudly presents higher pass rates than other courses on the market.  Our bite-sized lessons to save you time, and are backed by a 2021 CODiE Awarded platform recognizing WEL for being the Best College and Career Readiness Solution in the industry.  Our platform is proven to help students retain and digest content faster.

We suggest to our students before sitting for any exam that they achieve at least a 75% or higher in each of the lessons within our platform.  This ensures that the student will pass the exam on their first try.  Our Test Bank allows students to generate quizzes on specific modules which allows the student to locate where their weaker and stronger areas are.  Through this practice, students will know which modules they will need to focus their efforts on. 

We suggest students take 2-3 Mock Exams before they sit for the actual exam.  The Mock Exams on our platform are in the same format as students would see on the actual exam.  They allow students to get used to the navigation and timing needed to sit for the actual exam, so the student is not left on exam day attempting to figure out how to navigate as well as remembering the content.

By Vanessa Neely
Customer Care Manager
Wiley Efficient Learning

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