Five Ways To Volunteer From Home

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Volunteering is one of the noble qualities of human beings. As a volunteer, you are giving your important time from your busy schedule back to your community. Not only does it help advance your skills, but it also helps you make long lasting friends. However, it has become difficult to volunteer in-person due to Covid-19. As a result, people are leaning towards virtual volunteering. Volunteering online helps you impact people’s lives without worrying about transporting or contacting the virus. If you want to give back to community from the comfort of your home, here are five ways you can volunteer virtually.

Virtual Tutoring

Tutoring online is one of the most effective ways to volunteer from home. If you are an expert in any subjects or English is your first language, you can tutor those subjects or teach English from your home. There are many websites, such as,, or, that post ongoing needs for volunteer tutors for various subjects..

Text Based Mental Health Service

If you like texting, you can support people that are going through various life crises just by text messaging. By providing text based counseling, you can shape people’s experiences. To know more about various platforms that offer text-based peer counseling, check out this article.

Virtual Fundraising

If you don’t like tutoring or mentoring, you can fundraise for many non-profit organizations, such as American cancer society, through various online platforms, such as gofundme or 99pledges. You can also fundraise for local initiatives. Check out this article to know more about different platforms for fundraising.

Administrative Task

There are various tasks that can be done from the comfort of home, such as human resource, information technology, data analysis, etc. You can find administrative volunteering opportunities through local AARP volunteering opportunities, United nation volunteers or American Redcross Virtual Volunteering.

Social Media Marketing

If you are social media savvy, you can use that skill to volunteer from home. For example, you can run the social media page of a non-profit organization. You can find specific volunteering opportunities through volunteermatch or idealist.

There are many other ways you can volunteer from home that are not mentioned here. Through volunteering, you can make a difference in community.

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