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Recap from WSS Webinar “Be a Resume Rebel” with profile professional Donna Serdula

On May 28, Wiley author and pioneer of LinkedIn Optimization, Donna Serdula led Wiley Students Speak’s second webinar, “Be a Resume Rebel.” Over 350 people registered, and 100 participants tuned in.  Serdula explained the ins and outs of LinkedIn and its capabilities, discussing how to enhance one’s profile to gain exposure and highlight personal experience in an optimized way. 

“Dig your well before you’re thirsty.”

Social Media Guru, Donna Serdula

Prepare For Success

“Dig your well before you’re thirsty,” is Serdula’s mantra. She explained that while participants might not be ready to jump into a career search, it helps to think three steps ahead. She encouraged students and young professionals to begin building their LinkedIn profiles as soon as they have any kind of volunteer work or internship experience.

LinkedIn is a major platform for professionals not only to network but also to brand themselves. Serdula emphasized your profile is not your resume, so use it as an opportunity to tell your story in a conversational tone. She encouraged participants to flesh out the “About” section by highlighting who they are, their experience and their career goals. A young professional should frame their profile based on who they’re targeting, whether it be a recruiter, colleague or potential client. 

Creating Your Digital First Impression

“Your profile,” she said, “is your digital first impression.” This is crucial for students leaving college to enter the workforce for the first time. Recruiters and employers rely more heavily on virtual interviews and digital screenings during the pandemic. Adjusting to this new kind of hiring process can be challenging. More employers hire based on keywords and a strong digital presence. The days of showing a bulleted list of accomplishments and giving a firm handshake are over. 

The session consisted of steady engagement. Some of the questions listeners asked included how to create the perfect tagline and phrase connection requests. Serdula ended the session with a few key success secrets. She advised attendees to update their profile with the idea of adding value. “What do you bring to the table? What can you give to others?” In her final words, she encouraged them to have “fun” when optimizing their profiles. A LinkedIn profile is an extension of you. It constitutes the first impression a recruiter will have, so make it a strong one. 

To watch a recording of the webinar, click here.  

Kelsey Radomski
WSS Student Contributor

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