Getting Your Culture Fix

The World At Your Fingertips

These past few months have been difficult due to Covid-19. As a result, a variety of organizations are going above and beyond in order to help the public get our culture fix.  With many organizations being forced to close with stay-at-home orders put in place, our public needed hope and entertainment to cope with the isolation. As restrictions ease across the world, these organizations are allowing for global perspectives to be shared that many might not ever get the chance to see in-person. 

Online events and virtual tours have sprung up from across the world from renowned museums, theaters, and more. Vatican Museum offers 360 degree tours of several iconic artworks including Michelangelo’s. Louvre Museum, the world’s largest art museum located in Paris, is offering free virtual tours of some of it most popular exhibits. Metropolitan Museum in New York invites viewers to visit virtually. 

In addition, several musicians have hosted live events across different social media platforms. Garth Brooks even hosted a drive-in concert event at over 300 locations while other artists have participated in virtual concerts to raise funds for COVID-19 relief funds. For those interested in sports, there were live golf events to provide entertainment and raise funds for a variety of charitable causes. Other professional leagues are returning to action with very strict guidelines for fans to watch from their couch instead of the bleachers. There are also a variety of temporarily free learning resources such as over 20 hours of documentaries from Netflix or Rosetta Stone offering a 3-day free trial to learn a new language. How are you getting your culture fix? 

(By Allison Crick)

Looking At The World Through A Bigger Lens

Cultural psychological perspective is very powerful in shaping a person’s mindset. Memory has a major role in people’s actions within its surroundings. Reflection in the social environment will affect a person’s way of thinking. Mediated action from a cultural psychological perspective can be manipulated by the presentation of history.

Education systems are used to manipulate one’s mindset. Representation of history to a child with good or bad propaganda exists in our times. I grew up in a third world country, where colonization has happened years ago before I was born. I was able to experience the history of my country through exploring different types of media. These tools can manipulate a person’s mindset by showing fear, grief, and anger to the antagonist of the story. Patriotism can exist naturally from the people and its connection to its community. I studied history 101 here in the United States and learned about this country’s past; the impact of this information was different as a young adult versus a child below 12 years old. I have the knowledge to choose which side to use in my path.

People’s ethnicity, gender, and demographics influence their actions. Asking the question, gathering data, evaluating, and confronting the popular ideology will help the public think better about their actions. Gallup analytics has a global database to recognize elite organizations that create exceptional workplaces.

Organizations used these three steps to create alignment, foster communication, focus on strengths, and leverage trust. They offer three steps to enhance workplace cultures; what do your people crave, asses your culture, and create a cultural game plan form your results. Using the GAME plan will promote growth, appreciation, measurement, and engagement.

Museums: The Gateway To Critical Thinking

Museums document social relationships represented in the languages, educational systems, scientific disciplines, and etc.. To practice critical thinking, you have to confront popular ideology to balance our emotions and logic. Transferring culture using museums to people conscious and intentional or unintentional and unconscious, used by the government or a specific community. Promoting ideological systems to reinforce social inclusion or exclusion.

(By Camille Bonifacio)

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